Dying Light on Mac

Dying Light is an open-world zombie apocalypse survival horror game which Mac users can play in its native version. In this post, however, we’ll look at several effective and user-friendly options for playing Dying Light on Mac for people who don’t have a lot of space on their hard drive or who would rather not go through the whole game installation process.

Can you play Dying Light on Mac?

Yes, you can play Dying Light on Mac because the game has a native macOS support which makes it possible to run on Apple computers. If you’d rather play without downloading and installing anything on your Mac, you can use cloud gaming services that stream this and other popular games right to your browser.

What about playing Dying Light on Mac M1?

Fans can play Dying Light on Mac M1 in two different ways. The game can be downloaded and installed locally, or it can be streamed from a remote location via a service like a cloud gaming provider. Below we will show you how to play Dying Light on your Mac M1 even if you’ve never used a game streaming service before.

How to download Dying Light on Mac?

You can easily download Dying Light on a Mac without having to use any complicated workaround methods. After purchasing the macOS version of the game from a trusted gaming store, just install it by using the on-screen prompts. The process is usually simple, so you will have the game up and running on your Mac in no time. Dying Light has certain Mac system requirements, so before installing it, make sure your computer meets those requirements and has enough free space.

How to play Dying Light on Mac

To play Dying Light on Mac, choose one of the options described below and follow the instructions. If you have no idea where to begin, the first step is to get the game.

Then, decide how you want to play:

Play Dying Light on Mac with Boosteroid

Boosteroid allows Mac users to play Dying Light in a few easy steps. The service offers a rich library of games, which can be played online directly from your browser and Dying Light is just one of the titles that you can enjoy as soon as you join in.

1.First, you need to visit the Boosteroid website by clicking the button below and signing up for an account or signing in using your Google Account information.

2. Next you need to go in the top-right, and click “My account” to access your personal information.

3. The third step is to go to “My subscription,” pick a plan, and activate it by following the on-screen prompts.

4. Next, after your Boosteroid subscription has been activated, use the search bar to search for the game and click on it.

5. Click the “Play” button on the Boosteroid page for the game.

6. It’s possible that you may be required to link your Boosteroid and Steam accounts in order to complete the process. When this is done, the game should load instantly in the browser.

Play Dying Light on Mac with GeForce Now

You can also play Dying Light on Mac without downloading or installing the game by using GeForce Now. This method is another solution for Mac users looking for a streamlined and trouble-free way to play video games. Similarly to Boosteroid, it also helps save space on the user’s hard drive. All you need is an internet connection and a GeForce Now subscription. To get started, please refer to our detailed instructions by clicking on the button below.

Play Dying Light on MacOS with Steam

  1. The first step is to create a Steam account, and then log in with it to the platform.
  2. Next, in the Steam website, go to the top right corner of the page and click on the “Install Steam” button.
  3. You need to download the installation file for the Steam client and save it to your Mac’s hard drive.
  4. Next, install Steam on your Mac by double-clicking the installer and following the on-screen instructions.
  5. When the installation is done, launch Steam and search for Dying Light, by typing its name in the Steam’s search bar.
  6. You need to click the “Buy” button to add the game to your Steam library.
  7. As soon as the purchase is finalized, the game will be available for download from Steam.
  8. Simply click the “Install” button to start the download process and wait for the installation to complete.
  9. Once the game is installed, you can play it directly from your Steam library.

Dying Light Review

Dying Light is an action-adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a zombie pandemic. The game’s memorable gameplay comes from its combination of parkour, combat, and exploration. To help you determine whether this game is worth adding to your collection, in this review, we’ll discuss its highlights, from the plot and gameplay to the visuals and multiplayer options.


The story of Dying Light takes place in Harran, a city ravaged by a viral pandemic that has turned its residents into savage zombies. You play the role of Kyle Crane, an undercover spy sent to the quarantined metropolis on behalf of the Global Relief Effort (GRE) to seek and collect classified information. Throughout the game, players interact with a wide variety of characters, traverse perilous environments, and make decisions that have consequences for the story. The plot isn’t very innovative, but it does a good job of drawing players in and making them immerse in the game’s environment.


Dying Light stands out from other zombie games thanks to its innovative combination of parkour and combat. The parkour system, in particular, is one of the game’s most notable elements. It is intuitive and easy to use and lets players seamlessly navigate through the city of Harran by leaping, and climbing over various obstacles, such as rooftops, walls, and fences.  It also adds an extra layer of excitement to the game’s combat and exploration mechanics because players can use parkour to evade enemies, access new locations, and launch deadly attacks from above. Moreover, as players progress through the game, they can unlock new parkour moves and abilities, such as the ability to slide under obstacles or perform powerful drop-kicks. These new abilities add to the game’s replayability and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The day-and-night cycle in the game is a great strategic addition. The day is spent exploring the city, searching for supplies, completing different missions, and interacting with the few surviving citizens. The infected become more hostile after dark, increasing the need of stealth and quick reflexes for survival. This dynamic gives the game a feeling of urgency and peril that only adds to its overall survival-horror atmosphere.

Dying Light’s robust crafting system is another highlight that lets you create your own set of devastating weapons. Players have a wide variety of tools at their disposal for dealing with the undead, from electrified machetes to exploding throwing stars. The game is more rewarding towards players who take risks and discover the optimal mix of weapons and skills.

Visuals and Audio

The visuals in Dying Light are of high-quality and perfectly capture the sense of destruction that comes with the post-apocalypitc setting of the city of Harran. The game’s world is highly detailed, with a wide variety of environments ranging from urban locations to open countryside areas, each with its own unique look and feel. The lighting and weather effects are also impressive, with dynamic lighting and shadows that change depending on the time of day and weather conditions and help to create an engaging and believable world for players to explore. The game’s graphics engine allows for highly detailed character models and animations, adding to the game’s immersive quality.

The sound effects are also incredibly detailed, with realistic ambient noises such as the chirping of insects or the rustling of leaves. The game also uses sound to enhance its gameplay mechanics, such as the distinctive sounds of the game’s zombie types, allowing players to quickly identify and react accordingly. The sound of footsteps is also important in the game, with the player’s movements having a unique sound depending on the surface they’re traversing, adding to the realism and immersion of the game.


Dying Light has a multiplayer mode where players can team up with friends or random gamers to take on the game’s many challenges. The integration of multiplayer and single-player content is seamless and there is an option to hop in and out of sessions without interrupting their progress. An exciting player-versus-player (PvP) aspect is added by the “Be the Zombie” mode, in which players assume the role of a zombie called the “Night Hunter”  that can invade other players’ games.


Dying Light is a great title if you like survival horror games, stories about zombies, or free-roaming environments. The exciting gameplay and detailed setting make this game a must-try for everyone who is looking for countless hours of intense and thrilling zombie fights. The challenging setting that constantly changes can surely keep players on their toes, while the story and characters add depth and emotional weight to the game and turn it into an unforgettable experience.