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Holes in Spaces Review for Mac 

With Time Machine and Spaces, Leopard has the whole space-time continuum covered. Or has it? Spaces was for me the feature I was most looking forward to in Leopard. I have used virtual desktops for several years, and I have come to depend on this…

Showcase Review: KPCOFGS taxonomy browser for iPhone 

In ‘Showcase’ reviews, the reviewer is the developer. No claim of objectivity is made, but it’s a chance for the developer to show off his/her app. Here, Aaron Thompson presents a taxonomy browser for iPhone: KPCOFGS . KPCOFGS is a biological taxonomy browser for iPhone that contains the entire ITIS database…

Data Analysis tools For Mac 

Scott Hannahs has compiled a fabulous list of the tools for Data Analysis available for Mac OS X for the SciTech mailing list and I thought it would be useful to spread the word. Remember that many of the more expensive applications have free/cheap education…

Application Review: DataPlot 

At the recent WWDC 2006 there was a discussion about the need for a simple 2D plotting tool, to meet this need David Adalsteinsson the author of the scientific visualisation tool DataTank has created DataPlot a great new 2D plotting tool with the design philosophy “Simple and Powerful Plotting”….

LaTeX Help on the iPhone. 

Need a little help recognizing mathematical symbols or LaTeX commands?I always tend to lookup certain LaTeX commands on the internet when I’m writing. So I decided to write a simple iPhone/iPod Touch app that lets me look up LaTeX symbols anytime when I’m feeling inspired….

Installing Security VTK on Mac OS X 

Mac OS X is a great platform for 3D visualization. It includes OpenGL as standard, which means many existing libraries and applications can easily be ported to the platform. One such library is the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), an open source project run by Kitware, Inc. VTK is…