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gfortran for Leopard 

I have gfortran and gcc 4.3 binaries ready for Leopard using current snapshot GCC sources. Dave has created an installer package for the gfortran binary. This includes separate PowerPC and Intel binaries. Note that this installer does NOT include the XCode plug-in for gfortran. You can get it from here: MacResearch gfortran Installer You can…


More iPhone apps for scientists 

•Grafly (iTunes store link), a new graphing calculator that takes advantage of the accelerometer to provide a very interesting “gravity mode”, whereby you can move around a plot by moving the iPhone itself. And of course, the “touch mode” allows you to directly interact with the…


Contribute to OpenMacGrid 

Contributing your Mac’s idle processing power to the OpenMacGrid is very easy. However, before you do so, please make sure that your Mac has at least: 256 MB of Memory,1 GB of available hard disk space,G4 or better CPU andRunning Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) or…


GDL .. a free IDL 

Many among us, in the Mac scientific community, use IDL, a sophisticated data visualisation and analysis platform by ITT Visual Information Solutions (formerly, Research Systems Inc.). It is particularly popular in astronomy/astrophysics and also biophysics/medicine. IDL is commercial software and is amongst the most expensively licensed packages, I…


New RubyCocoa Release & BridgeSupport 

More interesting for MacResearch members may be the new BridgeSupport project, which appears designed to provide better support for scripting bridges to Objective-C, like RubyCocoa and PyObjC, although the project is independent of any scripting language. BridgeSupport files are XML files that describe the API symbols of frameworks…