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Matlab benches for Mac 

As I posted a few days ago, I would like to generate a small enquiry about MATLAB performance under Mac OS X. Here I post the data from the bench command on my iBook G4 12′ 1.2 Ghz, 1.25 GB RAM. Some of the currently available benchmarks…



As many know I wrote a GUI for the opensource cheminformatic toolkit Openbabel called iBabel. One of the options is to use the java applet Marvin for structure display and editing. A couple of people have asked me about the availablity of Marvin from ChemAxon so I thought I’d mention they…


EGO, roundtrip and Linkback 

There has been considerable discussion on the Cambridgesoft forums about a number of problems for users that have arisen with the upgrades to both the Mac OS X operating system and the latest version of ChemBioDraw. One of the major problems that is that when…


Security Memory Performance 

With help from a friend, Mark Bellon, I ran a wide variety of tests on several different MacPro configurations. These benchmarks were designed to test the performance of the system on jobs with a large variation in their memory usage. For now, I’m only including…



Dear all, since updating to 10.6, I’ve been struggling with strange crashes in connection with LAPACK/BLAS routines used in my C++ code, when using the Apple LAPACK and BLAS. They are strange in this sense, that I get a “Bus error” in a reproducible fashion,…