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OpenCL Security Tutorials 

The OpenCL Tutorials: In iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcasts by going to: Advanced -> Subscribe to podcast URL: Episode 1 – Introduction to OpenCL Episode 2 – OpenCL Fundamentals Episode 3 – Building an OpenCL Project Episode 4 – Memory Layout and…

Mac How To

Tinkering with Google App Engine 

Google announced Google App Engine, their long-awaited answer to web services offered by Amazon and others. Google took a different approach to their competitors by including a full application stack for developers. This made App Engine less flexible, by forcing developers to use the programming tools and libraries…

Mac How To

Who’s that Git? 

If you do any sort of programming, be it in traditional languages like C or Fortran, scripting in Bash or Python, or web development, you should be using some form of Source Control Management (SCM) system. (You can even use SCM for your Latex documents.)…

Mac How To

A little bit of fun 

This has nothing to do with science, although it is Mac related. In fact i really shouldn’t be posting about this, but what the heck, it’s so much fun I thought I’d share. I was cleaning out my cshrc file of old cruft and came…