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Boosteroid Games List

Full Boosteroid Games List (October 2022)

This Boosteroid games list includes all the gaming titles that are currently available in the games library of the Boosteroid cloud gaming service. We make sure to regularly update our Boosteroid games list with any new additions to the service’s library.

Boosteroid is a gaming service that employs cloud technology to give its customers the ability to play a wide variety of games directly from a browsing program. This means that any device that has a modern browser installed on it and a good Internet connection can be used for playing games on Boosteroid. There are many similar services, and they all have their pros and cons, but we consider Boosteroid to be one of the more balanced cloud gaming options that provide good performance, are easy to set up, and have a good variety of popular games within its library.

Speaking of Boosteroid’s library, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a full and regularly-updated list of all the games that are on Boosteroid, so we’ve decided to provide our readers with such a list. Note that you can always see what games are available in Boosteroid by visiting its site, but you’d first need to create an account there. Creating a Boosteroid account is done for free, but to actually use the service, you’d first need to get a paid subscription to the service.

We’ve divided the following list of games into two sections: free games and paid games, and we will make sure to update both of those sections with any new titles that become available on Boosteroid.

An important note about gaming stores and the Boosteroid library

Bear in mind that the gaming titles available in Boosteroid can be purchased from different online gaming stores (Steam, Epic Games Store,, Origin, etc.). To play a given game from the Boosteroid library, you must first choose a gaming store through which you wish to play it – you must have a registration on that store and, if the game is paid, you must own it there. For the majority of games that are on Boosteroid, a version is available for each store in which the game can be purchased. However, it’s possible that this doesn’t apply to every single title. In other words, it’s possible that a given game that can be bought on both Steam and Epic Games Store, only has a Steam version in Boosteroid, so if you own the game in Epic Games Store and not Steam, you won’t be able to play it on Boosteroid (unless you also purchase it on Steam). For the most part, Boosteroid tries to offer every gaming store as an option for the game that it has in its library. Still, we’ve made sure to specify in our list which gaming store versions for each of the games are available in Boosteroid. Be sure to pay close attention to this if you are looking for a specific game you want to play through Boosteroid.

Now, without further ado, here’s our Boosteroid games list (the titles are sorted in alphabetical order):

Free Games Available through Boosteroid:

Paid Games Available through Boosteroid:

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