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LaTeX Help on the iPhone. 

Need a little help recognizing mathematical symbols or LaTeX commands?I always tend to lookup certain LaTeX commands on the internet when I’m writing. So I decided to write a simple iPhone/iPod Touch app that lets me look up LaTeX symbols anytime when I’m feeling inspired. It’s free. And updates are…

Mac How To

Using VVI for Graphing on iPhone 

This tutorial shows how to make an iPhone application that graphs your data. It also provides the fundamentals for incorporating many 2D and 3D graph types in your iPhone applications. The result of this tutorial is an iPhone application that looks like the following figure when run in the iPhone…



Progress The open source ChemDoodle Web Components render chemical graphics and perform cheminformatics functions in web browsers. They are written in Javascript and are based on HTML5/Canvas/WebGL. The library is lightweight, optimized for efficiency and is only 100KB in size! The technology is derived from the ChemDoodle desktop application, which is becoming increasingly popular….


MacResearch Partners with Dataseam 

It’s my pleasure to announce that MacResearch is partnering with the Kentucky Dataseam Initiative to help develop applications for scientific computing on the largest Xgrid powered computing grid. There will be more information in the coming weeks and months regarding projects we are working on and the benefit to the…


VIM: Making it Work on Leopard 

I am a Linux user at heart and the Leopard command line is very bland compared to what I am used to. The default vim is also pretty bland and unimpressive. I thought I would share a few of the settings I have found or plundered from Linux installations in…


In Memoriam: Warren L. DeLano 

It’s with sadness that I bring the news that Warren L. DeLano passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, on Tuesday November 3rd. For some of you, Warren’s name will be instantly recognized. For many more, you know him indirectly as the developer of PyMOL. PyMOL, the open source software he began…


Installing Security VTK on Mac OS X 

Mac OS X is a great platform for 3D visualization. It includes OpenGL as standard, which means many existing libraries and applications can easily be ported to the platform. One such library is the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), an open source project run by Kitware, Inc. VTK is at a level above OpenGL:…