Big Sur Bluetooth not working – Explained

Bluetooth problems on macOS Big Sur have become a common issue for some Mac users. A number of people have reported that they are having trouble with their Bluetooth devices and their connection to the computer.  The issue revolves around the fact that the Bluetooth headphones or speakers connect well, but then they don’t play any sound. Other users have been reporting that the connection keeps dropping suddenly.

As per the reports, the macOS Big Sur Bluetooth problem is equally common with third-party Bluetooth accessories, as well as Apple’s own peripherals like the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and even with the popular AirPods and AirPods Pro wireless earbuds.

That’s why if you are a happy owner of a brand new Mac computer that doesn’t want to connect to your Bluetooth accessories or your wireless mouse, keyboard or headset are suddenly disconnecting from macOS Big Sur, don’t throw it out of the window yet. In this post, we will offer you an easy way to overcome this common macOS 11.0.1 problem.

Many Mac users, just like you, have documented issues with their Bluetooth devices after Big Sur has been upgraded.  Some have been complaining that they manage to connect the peripherals, but the connectivity is very laggy and poor, or the devices disconnect unexpectedly.

If you have spent a lot of time with Apple support on the same problem and you have already tried every possible fix on the internet, don’t get despaired.

Here we will offer you some quick fixes and workarounds that you can try to improve this situation:

Solution for Big Sur Bluetooth Problem

  1.    Firstly, on your Mac, press the Shift + Option keys from the keyboard.
  2.     Then, click on the Bluetooth icon that is found in the menu bar.
  3.     Next, select Reset the Bluetooth module and confirm the action by clicking on Ok.
  4.     After that, restart your Mac computer and see if the issue has been resolved.

If the instructions above do not help, you can try to delete all plugins that are found in the following directory:


After that, restart your Mac again. The Bluetooth issue should be fixed.