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Three Cool Tools For Mac 

There are a few free tools that I want to plug. They are not scientific tools per se, but I find them very useful in my day-to-day operations, and I’m sure others will too. Two of the tools I use when I want to free up disk space: GrandPerspective and Monolingual. The last one…


Apple Adds Support for MathType and EndNote to Pages 

Tucked away in Apple’s MacWorld keynote presentation was a little tidbit of particular interest to scientists. After years of waiting, our voices have finally been heard — Pages ‘09 includes support for MathType and EndNote.From Apple’s site: In Pages ’09, you can now create sophisticated equations for research papers, lab reports, and journal…


3D ChemDoodle Web Components 

WebGL has been quickly progressing, and we have been hard at work building our 3D ChemDoodle Web Components. I present the release of ChemDoodle Web Components 3.0, which contain the alpha development versions of the 3D ChemDoodle Web Components. I also discuss some of the programmatic details involved with WebGL and how to obtain…

Mac How To

ChemDoodle Web Components For Mac 

Protein Data Bank Demo and Canvas Technology Analysis In this article, I provide some background and analysis of the javascript/Canvas technology along with future prospects followed by a step-by-step walkthrough on how to quickly put together a rich web application with the ChemDoodle Web Components. In the walkthrough, I produce a small…