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Matlab and OS X 

I have seen a couple of threads on Matlab on OS X on this forum and I want to re-propose the issue. In particular one of the threads (about 2 years ago) stated that Matlab on OS X is not “native” and therefore it runs…


Crunching Numbers With Applescript 

Applescript can be great for automating tasks, gluing applications together, or for extending the functionality of existing applications, however it rarely comes to mind when one thinks about developing number-crunching analytical code. Satimage, the makers of SmileLab, have released Numerics.osax, an AppleScript plugin that provides a suite…

Mac How To

Tiger’s scientific gem: 

One of the most underrated features introduced in OS X 10.4 (Tiger), especially for scientists, is, the powerful 2D and 3D graphing calculator located in the Applications->Utilities folder. Grapher is capable of creating both 2D graphs including margins, classic, polar, lin-log, log-log, polar log…